240z 260z 280z Reference Documents
Model Year Factory Service Manual Owners Manual Other Microfiche
240z 1970 Chassis V1 1970   240z (TBD)
  1970 Chassis V2     240z & 260z Europe
1970 L20 L24 Engine V1
  1970 L20 L24 Engine V2      
1970 L20 L24 Engine V3
1971 Chassis Supplement V1
  1971   Chassis Supplement V2  
  1972 FSM   TSB 1969-1972  
  1973 FSM 1973 Heater Supplement  
  1973     Flat Top Carb Supplement  
260z 1974 FSM 1974 L20 L24 L26 Engines 260z (TBD)
280z 1975 FSM   EFI Manual 280z (TBD)
  1976 FSM 1976 Service Bulletin  
  1977 FSM 1977 Pollution Manual  
1978 FSM 1978  
Nissan Parts Catalog S30,HS30,PS30 1969-1973  (Japanese text & Models. Many 240, 260, & 280 cross-over parts & drawings)
Datsun Parts Interchange & Pricing Book
Datsun Bolt & Torque Information Document
Competition Parts Brochure 1976           Prices
Competition Parts Brochure 1977
Competition Schematics
Books & Articles
Project X Animated story about early 240z development. Read from right to left.
1970 Jan. Road & Track First Introduction of 240z
1970 Apr. Road & Track Styling Analysis
1970 Oct. Road & Track Automatic Review
1971 Jun. Road & Track GT Comparison
1971 Jun. Wheels Review with 1970 photos
Recommended Reading
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How to Rebuild Your Nissan & Datsun OHC Engine
How to Hotrod and Race in Your Datsun
How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car
Frank Honsowetz
Tom Monroe
Bob Waar
Wick Humble
DATSUN 240Z Engineering Development Mr. Hitoshi Uemura


240z (1970)
240z (1971)