Z  Tech Tips  Rocker Arm Prep. 

So you read the book "How to Modify Your Datsun...." and decided to lighten your rocker arms for performance?


You may not wish to bother.

I just did a quick check.

Mass before grinding:                 78.25g
Mass after aggressive grinding:   74.58g

Weight Saving:                           3.67g ( ~ 4.7%)

When you put this into perspective: Crane retainers are 31.368g compared to Nissan 23.444g retainers so if you use Crane retainers, you are already off to a bad start.

Grinding can help but I think it is only useful for true racers who need to baby their cams and springs which are pushed to very high lift and rpms .

Crude Calculation:

mass: 0.004 kg
travel: 0.011 m (lift)
frequency: 6000rpm = 5Hz at Cam
average velocity: 0.11m/s
momentum = 0.00044kg-m-s = 0.0032ft-lbs-s =(0.038ft-lbs-s for 12 rockers)
hp = 0.004

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