Replacing Front Steering Rack Bushings

Nothing special

Big picture for reference... after splash guard removed. (First time I saw the oil pump!!!)

Passenger and driver bushings are actually behind the metal plates above.

Note the parts: A "U" clamp holds the bushing in place. It has threaded holes. Two bolts pull each end of the "U" clamp down. A nut further secures the
clamp from above

To remove the bushings, remove all four nuts, loosen all four bolts, remove the front bolts, swing the "U" clamps back.
It is easy to do this job with both clamps loose so that the steering rack can be moved.

Start with the passenger side as it is easiest. Push the rack up and pull the old bushing out as shown above.

Old vs. new

Coat the heck out of the bushing slot in the rack so that the new bushing can slide in.

note: My new bushing (left) was thicker than the old (right) and I fought with it for 40min. I then ground it down and it popped in. Be sure to use lots of the supplied grease.

Slide the bottom half in first from the front, pop on the top then Voila! installed!

Now to remove the driver side bushing. Lift rack and pull it out from the front.

Old vs. new


Follow same procedure, grind if needed, grease the heck, and slide in from front.

Tighten down the "U" clamps with the bolts from the bottom then secure with the nuts from the top.


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