Redline (MTL) Manual Transmission Lube

Well, what can I say?  It is red and it works as well as everyone says: 

It is like a transmission overhaul in a bottle!  Get it! 

I ordered mine from Bolt-On Performance  1 (866) 426-5866 in Ontario. $36cdn for 2 quarts and $9 Shipping via Canada Post

FYI Tranny's take ~2.5 quarts

btw I just checked the Redline site and noticed they recommend the MTL-90 for Nissan transmissions. It is slightly heavier.

Here is a tranny flush procedure (thanks to TonyD on

  1. Run the hell out of the car to get tranny good and hot
  2. Jack the the car up
  3. Drain the tranny
  4. Fill with a short fill of flush (maybe diesel oil would work...) 
  5. Block the rear wheels in the air
  6. Run through the gears at idle or fast idle
  7. Drain, repeat two times. 
  8. Then shut it off
  9. Let the solvent evaporate
  10. Refill with synthetic never to be Dino-Oiled again!

An inexpensive squeeze pump did the job of getting the fluid out of the bottle and into the transmission.


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