Moustache Bar Removal

Here is how I removed my moustache bar to replace worn out rubber bushings with new ones from Energy Suspension Bushings.


Block front wheels and jack rear and differential.
Support rear of car using jack stands.


Clean two 19mm nuts at rear of differential and remove.
Remove two 17mm nuts and washers at ends of moustache bar.

Use jack to lower differential.
Wiggle moustache bar down and work it loose. (raising and lowering diffy and prying between centre of moustache bar and cross member bar directly below it.)


Now jack the diffy back up a little to support it in a more natural position.


Out of curiosity, I checked to see top of bolt hole which secures moustache bar ends. You need a 22mm socket to get it.




Now it is time to remove the rubber inserts. Using a hack saw is somewhat helpful but slow... well that is what my helper said :)




Time for a burnt offering to the Z gods.
This is messy and stinky. Dripping molten rubber... etc. I tried to accelerate by poking out molten rubber as it burned but in the end I recommend just letting it burn.



A brass wire brush helps to remove "stubborn" rubber but paint and lacquer thinner were ultimately needed to remove this stuff. The wire brush bounces and gums up.



The final product. A squeaky clean cup ready to accept a new bushing.



Here is the bar with undercoating removed and a fresh coat of anti-rust primer and anti-rust paint.



Be sure to use the supplied grease in the cups and on the bushing. It helps it slide in and stops squeaks. We'll that is what the guy with the snake tattooed face told me when he sold it (SCTV Joke:)




Argh!!! Rust!!  Well it is now coated in an anti-rust metal treatment. I'll deal with it in two years when I do a full restoration. I also squirt it in all of the holes/frame rail bits.


Now here is a key step:  Install the top washer and bushing only. This will give you lots of freedom to fit the bar in place on the diffy. Use the original lower washer and bolt to defy gravity.


Lower the diffy and fit the bar as shown above.

The next steps are:

  1. Install tubular steel bushing inserts
  2. Install lower bushings
  3. Install lower washers (big one with bushing kit)
  4. Install lower washer and nut from original hardware
  5. Do not tighten!  Keep the above loose
  6. Install the two diffy washers and nuts
  7. Tighten Diffy nuts to 62 ft-lbs
  8. Tighten end bar nuts to 62 ft-lbs


Take it for a spin and recheck torque


For torqueing bar end nuts, use 17mm deep socket and ~2" of extension

Here is how to reach the left nut. (Wrench swings bellow muffler)

Here is how to reach the right nut. (Wrench swings bellow gas tank)


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