Enduser (R200 Differential Insert to make a LSD) 

The unit entered production (late April 2004) was being tested on the track (May 2004). Web site will soon be up.

Product overview:

This insert upgrades all open R200 differentials (240,260,280z/zx,300zx'z31') (regardless of gear ratio) into a Limited Slip unit by means of spring pressure and friction clutches made out of 100% KevlarŪ composite. Between the two half of steel blocks there are  4 to 10 springs (variable spring rate depends on the application). They keep the spider gears from turning under straight line acceleration. The result is a highly adjustable and predictable limited-slip unit good enough for mid level road racing circuit. Its also great for street use.

This unit fits in between the spider gears inside the differential casing. Thus, you can keep your existing differential ratio. One thing you need to do before installing the unit is take the 2 large spider gears out and have them machine grounded flat. PDF Installation Overview

Due to its simple design, it has a very predicable slip rate. The wear rate of the clutches and metal blocks are very low and does not require frequent changing of differential oil on street use. Inspection should be performed every 2 races on road racing vehicles.   

The Enduser price is $350 Canadian and around $ 260 USD. There are no distributors in North America at this point. You can order through us (Merlyn Engineering)  

EMAIL: Merlyn Engineering

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