280z Intakes

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Stock Z Comparison (76 to 78 style is missing It looks like 75 but with more pollution fittings)

bobsharpintake.jpg (64166 bytes)
Bob Sharp Racing Intake, note the symmetrical entry of pressurized air between runners 3 & 4

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12 Injectors/ 2 Fuel Rails  (most people just use larger flow injectors)

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12 Injectors

LD-28 Diesel Intake

IMG_0101.jpg (317414 bytes) customintake2.jpg (73519 bytes) 

customintake3.jpg (72826 bytes) customintake1.jpg (70925 bytes)
These 4 pics show a simple structure. It looks like bell mouths and tapered runners could help improve things.
One neat tip from the above is that a stock manifold can be chopped and a new set of runners and exhaust formed. The stock manifold's connecting flange can be recycled to save considerable machining.

78_1_b.jpg (22568 bytes)
RB-25/26 shaped manifold adapted to an L28e 

s1.jpg (65498 bytes)
RB-26 manifold for comparison. Note the bell like runner entries

ztripturbo.jpg (22801 bytes)
TVM Intake variations


  240z.jpg (94405 bytes)
Cannon Intake Runners


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Throttle Cable

Design Info
From excellent turbo boost Maximum Boost by Corky Bell (buy it!)
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Weird and wonderful ideas

Top View

Here is a concept for an easy way to improve air flow in a normally aspirated 6 using stock throttle bodies and some fabrication.
Two 55mm throttle bodies each feeding only three runners.
The inputs can be Y'd to a single input and then fed from a larger AFM or ideally, run from a non AFM/MAF reliant EFI system

Front View

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