Bosch Injector Cut Away Pics

Key points

Needle valve assembly/case (crimped together), lower O ring, return spring, coil/barb assembly

Disassembled barb assembly showing upper o-ring, plastic coil bobbin, lower o-ring, and copper wire.

Shot of needle valve assembly with number "7" stamped on it. The injector seems to be modular in that a standard casing can have different flowing needle valves crimped to one end and different barbed or O-ring fuel rail fittings crimped to the top. The tip of the needle valve is easily seen as well as the lip of the crimped body..

Look inside case to see top of needle valve assemble, this part moves up and down with needle valve tip.

Another shot of needle valve assembly and bottom of coil assembly

Barb assembly with coil attached.

Coil assembly with O-ring and spring in place.

One for the road

Needle valve assembly removed (note rubber O-ring in place)

Fuel injector body with needle valve assembly removed

4 parts:  needle valve, needle valve body & o-ring, C shaped retainer

Looking down the needle valve body

Needle valve



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