Fuel Pump Upgrade

Author: slownrusty 

I decided to go with the Walboro GSL392.

While surfing late one night, I then came across Holley's website and they had the following pump that caught my eye:


Throttle body injection
Multi-point injection
Forced induction

80 GPH flow      @ 15 PSI (at 13.5 volts)
480 PPH flow     @ 15 PSI (at 13.5 volts)
5 Amp current draw @ 15 PSI

67 GPH flow @ 45 PSI (at 13.5 volts)
402 PPH flow @ 45 PSI (at 13.5 volts)
8 Amp current draw @ 45 PSI

Approx. 800 HP max. - throttle body injection
Approx. 700 HP max. - multi-point naturally aspirated
Approx. 600 HP max. - multi-point forced induction

I decided to write off the Walboro and then called Summit and ordered the Holley, and got it in two days, also I have had great experience with Summit and their warranty

I opened the box and saw that this Holley fuel pump is actually the Walboro GSL392

Here is a picture of the stock ZXT bracket that I removed and modified (very easy with a grinder and a Dremel) and re-drilled for the C-Clamps supplied with fuel pump kit. I also sand blasted, primed  and painted it

The wiring was easy and only required snipping off the stock eye ends (or re-using them, does not matter) and crimping on the new ones supplied with the kit and bolting them down. I also had to use a slightly longer line out of the new pump to connect to the OE lines on the car. Luckily I had new gas line in the garage and new hose clamps so I renewed all these at the same time.

All this work can be easily done on a weekend, but is messy with gas dropping out, so be prepared to smell like 93 Octane and have your oil change basin close by to catch the dripping gas.

The new fuel pump is VERY quiet and so far I have put about 50 hard miles on it and I am very impressed, my spark plugs are returning to a more normal color as they were bleached from turning the boost up, so the quest for more power is continuing! At least my fuel system is now fully addressed (except the injectors).

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