Z  Tech Tips  Fram G3 Filter Installation


Z cars are notorious for problems caused by fuel tank rust, sediment and varnish. It typically

One way to proactively prevent this problem is by placing a fuel filter between the fuel tank and fuel pump.

A Fram G3 disposable filter is the perfect choice:

Here you can see the box, extra hose and 2 clamps. I used the rest of the contents.




Disconnect -neg battery terminal.

Jack car at differential.

Remove rear passenger wheel

Clamp your fuel line close to the tank.

Place a catch basin under the fuel line.

Cut the fuel line where you wish to mount the filter. A box cutter knife works great.

Please consider:

Install filter and note correct orientation. Remember to use hose clamps.


Here is where I installed the G3 on my '77. The black crap is from the fuel line. Some of it rubbed off when I installed the filter and some of it separated from the hose when I clamped and unclamped it.

Close up.



Real World "Horror Story" Data from a Rusty Tank
(Courtesy of Author: Wayne_in_KY from www.Zcar.com):

An "optional" G3 filter following 3 tanks of gas from a rusty tank.

Here is the "primary" engine compartment fuel filter.

Wayne unfolded the engine compartment filter to reveal that the G3 did it's job well! 

Thanks Wayne!

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