Frame Rail Repair

My frame rails had two soft spots due to trapped water that rusted. 

I had to resolve to pass safety inspection.

Club member Andrew MacAskill graciously took time from university to help me out. 

Here is a summary of the work:

Disconnect battery as the high current Mig welder can cause problems.

Disconnect the alternator too

Do the ECU as well.

And lift the carpet to prevent fires, etc.

Ugh Drivers side hole

Another VU (great album)

Cut out the bad area

Yup that was needing removal

Opened up nicely. Cool off-white paint inside.

Another shot of the cut out rail.

I blew out the rail with compressed air then  stuck the camera in the hole and shot toward the front of the car. No surprises. Whew!!

Here is the 18 gauge patch after bending on the metal break. The cross section is 2.5" and the sides are 0.5"

Is he giving me the finger?
Fits nice so I don't care :)

MIG welding with Argon/Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen gas.


Another shot. Just needs primer, paint and undercoating

Andrew's 71 in progress and my 77 on stands. He has a cool piece in the end that will hold round corvette lights. Should be nice!

Got my custom frame rails from  Bad Dog Parts  Check this out (click)


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