Floppy Mirror Fix

After trying to fix my aftermarket "racing style" mirrors from flopping around, I threw in the towel and decided to JB Weld them in place. I used the "quick weld" product which is simply a 5 min epoxy. Problem is now fixed!

Gob Quick Weld on the ball

Jam the ball in place then gob more quick weld between the ball and pressure plate. (note the new hardware fasteners that helped for 1 week!)

My previous two unsuccessfull attemps to cure the problem were:

Eventually the ball pushed through and I could see the problem. The metal quality is the same as that of a dinky car. (Did you ever work out the bottom rivets?

Hopefully the JB Kwick Weld will finnally get the monkey off my back.

The next step will be to put wide angle glass in the mirrors so they actually function usefully. Right now, I would not be able to shave my face with one!  It is so sad that they look so nice but are made so poorly!

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