L-Series Engine Builder

Here's a program I (I being wfath@ozemail.com.au) wrote to save myself some time during the engine design phase
of my car. It's basically a database of Nissan L-series components, organised in a
way that allows you to experiment with different engine combinations by simply
'clicking' on the appropriate pull down box.

The requirements for running the program are as follows :
Windows 95/98/NT4
Graphics mode of 256 or more colours preferable
1 MB of  disk space (it will run from a floppy)

Please note that this is still a beta version, so if you find any errors in the program please
feel free to email me with corrections at wfath@ozemail.com.au .

Future plans are :
* Include a help file
* Add more parts to the database
* Include Nissan part numbers
* A print out function

Click on photo or lengine.zip to download 20/2/1999 Engine Builder V0.1