'96 240sx transmission in a 280z


- 75 to 78 280z
- 77 to 86 200sx
- 81 to 84 Maxima
- 86 to 88 200sx
- 89 to 96 240sx
- 84 to 89 300zx (non-turbo only)
- 87 to 89 Pathfinder (4-cyl only)
- 87 to 89 Van


Author: 1 fast Z 
Date:   May 23, 9:06pm

Ok the small bearing counter shaft bearing either needs to be opened up for the larger sx bearing or you can use the z bearing, but you have to counter bore the back side of the hole, about a .125" deep and about a .3" radius bigger than the counter shaft z bearing. You also need to open up the 1-2 shift rod hole to a .629" dia, to allow for the larger sx shift rod.

Lots of Z cars, 1970's-1983's.

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Author: Ken 
Date:   Aug 7, 11:56am

I have just installed my New Fresh (L28) engine with the 96 240sx 5 speed tranny. the L28 bell housing was modified fo fit the 240Sx. also I'm using the 240SX 6 Pad Heavy clutch with Heavy duty pressure plate that bolt on the L28 Flywheel. the Shifter feels very nice with the B&M quick shifter.

The 240sx is a little bit longer compared to the Original Z tranny. about 1.5 inch long. and I used the 240sx rubber tranny mount the required some modifications. and used the original Z tranny cross member. the Drive shaft slips on the 240Sx tranny, the Z Yoke has a sleeve has to be cut off. and also required to be shortened 25.5 to 24 inch.

I did it because my 77 still has the 4 speed tranny. and with the New Turbo motor its not reasonable to run 4 speed with it. the other option is Original Z 5 speed which is also a good tranny. but they are getting worn out. the SX tranny has less drive train loss and shift much better and closer thank to the B&M shifter.

here are some additional info comparison of the gearings of 5 speeds transmissions:

79-80  81-83  240sx
1st  3.321  3.062 3.321
2nd  2.077  1.858  1.902
3rd 1.308 1.308 1.308
4th  1.000  1.000  1.000
5th  0.684  0.745 0.759

My old Z tranny has little gear grinding in High RPM shift, now with the syncros its just goes click-click-click.

The L-engine Bell housing work was done by Troy Armish Racing in Freemont, California. (510-252-1001) The L-bell housing requires machining on the front counter bearing mounting hole and also on the shifter linkage hole. The only thing You'll need to replace is the front counter bearing on the SX tranny and replace it with a new one is supplied by Troy. it is an easy "(RnR) remove and replace procedure.

FYI. you can get the bearing puller from Autozone loaner tools.

The SX Clutch and pressure plate fits the L28 flywheel just fine. No work needed there.

1. You will need to send Troy Armish racing the "Z or ZX" L- series bell housing. cost for modification is $100.- also add additional cost of shipping back to you when Troy has finished it. Troy is in California you can call him at: 510-252-1001

2. On the 240Sx transmission. you will just need to remove the original Bell housing of it. it is the same procedure how you removed the bell housing on the L series tranny. also remove and replace the Counter bearing with the bearing supplied by Troy. You can get the Bearing puller tool from AutoBarn loaner tools if you don't have any, that is the only thing you need to replace on the 240Sx transmission.

3. On assembly, Use RTV and seal it properly. it a little hard first. the 2 front bearings fits tights on the Bell housing. you can use a Small propane torch to heat the bearing so it will slip in easily or a BFH (Big freakin Hammer). and use the Bolts to line them up.

Make sure the bearing are flush in the front. if the are not flushed on the front. the Drive shaft will be hard to turn. You can use a hammer and tap on the rear output to get them to be flushed. once they are flushed you can turn the input shaft easily.

On the Clutch. 240sx snd Z are the same. pressure plate mounting is the same in the Z. USe all Original Z stuff on the bell housing.

4. You wil use the 240SX Trans support. It will require some modification. Cutting and making new holes.

5. On the Z drive shaft. You will need to cut off the sleeve on the yoke. and will need to be shortened by your local drive shaft shop from 26 inch to 24.

Author: goodoldjam 
Date:   Feb 4, 3:39pm

Author: McAdam 
Date:   Apr 19, 11:32pm

so, here I sit at 1 fast Z's shop (Blake Machine), modifing my car 2 days before MSA because my transmission decided to start chattering in 5th gear, not good for a 400 mile road trip towing a trailer. Time to do a transmission upgrade, it just so happens that I have a spare KA24DE transmission laying around so I think it sounds like a good idea. Modifications are needed as follows.....

1. 1st/2nd shifter hole on L28 bell housing needs to be bored/drilled out to .631" or 16mm.

2. Driveshaft needs to be shortened 2 inches

3. and this is an important one because I spent about 2 hours pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong because the transmission would NOT turn when I bolted it back together..... Its kind of hard to explain but here goes.... on the inside of the L series bellhousing, there is a step around the counter shaft bearing, you need to mill about 2mm or .080" off of that face or else the gear on the end of the 240sx countershaft will BIND on that face when you put it all together. I tried to sand it down with a die grinder with a sanding wheel, but in the end we did it on a boring mill for a precise surface.


Author: pallnet 
Date:   Apr 20, 12:49am

Yep been there and done that for my friends L28et into the S13 project. We used a 240Z bellhousing and had to bore out all 3 of the fork shaft holes. Ant yes we did have to cut down the raised section around the lower bearing. I think the reason he never mentioned it is cause he mills that hole open for the larger 240SX bearing and that part may be milled away in the process. Sorry it was late and we were just trying to get it ready for install so, I didn't keep track of bit or hole sizes and such.


From Hybridz.org:

I found very little info on this swap, but nabbed a free KA 5 speed and started playing, the bell housing is a part of the case just like most S30 transmissions, you take the front half off the KA and put your front half onto the KA, sounds simple but there are a couple hurdles:

On  the countershaft front bearing, you'll need a puller to remove them from each transmission, the bearing from the L trans goes onto the KA countershaft with a few whacks of a mallet (soft face)

The only machining needed is to bore out the 1st-2nd shift rod to 5/8, unless he's boring out the case to use the KA's countershaft bearing, which I don't understand as the L series pops right on and of course fits the L series case

280z bell housing and 240sx gear box

280z bell housing and 240sx gear box

240sx Front Bearings



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